History of Naggar Shipping Company

  The Naggar saga goes back over hundred years, tracing its beginnings in the dynamism and initiative of the founder, the late Mohamed Y. Naggar. First established in 1897 as services group in the name and style of Naggar Shipping, its activities spanned all Egyptian, Palestinian and North Africa ports .
The company was renamed M.Y. Naggar Sons Shipping by his sons upon the passing of Mohamed Y. Naggar in 1947 and they gradually developed it into the largest ship services group in the entire region with operating divisions covering Agency, Stevedoring, Warehousing, Coastal transport, Barging ,insurance, Land transport and other related functions.

The late A.K. Naggar group chairman and founder
The year 1961 saw M .Y .Naggar Sons Group getting nationalised and added to the list of public sector companies. Between 1963 and 1969, A .K .Naggar, Mohamed Y .Naggar's fourth son, mounted several efforts at reconstructing commercial operations under a new corporate entity and these came to fruition in 1969 with the establishment of A .K .Naggar Shipping, which also complemented his technical services company, Alexandria Superintending, formed a year earlier .
The old name Naggar Shipping Company was reinstated in 1971 and the two aforementioned concerns registered rapid growth to attain the status of a midsized group involved in a wide range of shipping / ship services and other diverse interests such as hospitals and real estate.
A new Liner Agency department was constituted during 1972 under Naggar Shipping Company to cater to the growing requirements of container shipping Lines calling Egyptian ports. Naggar Shipping being aware of the importance of information to the industry established created two port information books which proved to be very useful tools not only for the Naggar Shipping client base but Also to the users of Egyptian ports .
Edited by Sherine Naggar the books signaled the active involvement of the third generation in the group. To further support this function, another subsidiary, Egyptian Container Services, was formed in 1990. Egyptian Container services ,a logistics ,company created the first container transshipment hub in the country in the new port of Damietta introducing this activity for the first time in Egypt.
With succession arrangements firmly in place, A .K. Naggar passed away in 1991 with the gratification of leaving the group on a financially robust platform to allow for continued growth and expansion.
A.K. Naggar - Head office - Alexandria, Egypt
The Group is currently jointly managed by Sherine Naggar and Amr Naggar. The group further expanded into Refrigeration ,Marine Engineering ,RORO shipping and NVOCC service.
Over the years, each generation of the Naggar family made a new cornerstone addition to Egyptian shipping and today the fourth generation is preparing to join with an open eye on further development and new ideas. Throughout our history we are proud to say that we have always been two steps ahead of the competition and our history speaks for us.
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